The staff of LOCCI MOTORS Srl is made up of elements that have always worked in the automotive sector, from spare parts to assistance and obviously express the best of professionalism in the field of sales, with an ever attentive eye, bordering on obsessive, to delivery of all the documentation that current law requires in the case of the purchase of new or used cars and therefore with the punctual delivery of vehicle registration certificates, ownership certificates, etc., an aspect of the sale that is too often neglected or put into the background, and which we, on the other hand, have an importance at least on par with the sale of the vehicle itself. ​


Thanks to the world of competitions we have developed a particular experience in the world of sports and/or high-end cars which allows us to treat any type of car with the right method.


In the truck sector, having always sold commercial and industrial vehicles of any type and size allows us to always be able to advise the customer on the right set-up, suitable for the type of work performed, avoiding waste of time and above all waste of money due to purchases wrong.


Having always worked in this sector with the utmost scrupulousness and professionalism allows us to carry out all the procedures relating to tests, fittings, financing arrangements, access to government contributions and more, ensuring that in addition to the role of simple sellers we are a real 360° consultant for the client.


For assistance we make use of a capillary network of workshops which allows us to be able to intervene, where needed, throughout the territory.


We have the possibility of financing all the vehicles we sell, making use of the collaboration of the most serious and reliable financial companies, with the possibility of preparing personalized estimates and setting up financing procedures in a very short time.